At Michigan Bat Control, Inc. and Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC we pride ourselves on being unique yet effective wildlife control team. We are not like most pest control or animal control companies. We do not simply trap and relocate nuisance animals or use poisons to "solve" your rodent problem. We like to get rid of the nuisance wildlife, prevent the return, and back it with a guarantee. Sure trapping and relocation methods work, but are quite useless if your don't seal up entry points and prevent the wildlife return. Most pest control operators or exterminators are specialists in the insect industry and do not know much about nuisance wildlife. Below we have summarized some of our wildlife control services and specialties

Animal Control Services

Humane Effective Wildlife Removal 

Live bat removal and control

When getting rid of bats from homes or buildings think "live bat exclusion". This is the most effective and humane way to rid bat problems. Bats in Michigan tend to roost in attics and eaves of your home. Knowing how to get rid of bats can be difficult. Often times it is best to let a professional solve your bat problem. 

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Michigan Bat Control & Wildlife Solutions

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-Mice & Rat Problems: Identifying entry points and potential entrances of mice and rats into your home or attic. 

-Mice Exclusions: Locating entry points and installing one way devices to get rid of mice from your home or attic and prevent them from returning. 

-Mice & Rat Trapping: Traps are strategically placed either in the home, basement, or attic to capture all unwanted pest and rodents. 

-Mice Prevention: Mice can never be 100% prevented because like all rodents they can chew and gnaw their way into your home. However mice can be controlled and deterred from entering your home or attic. Sealing up the structure of your home will keep open run ways closed to further prevent easy access of the mice.

attic clean ups and decontamination 

Once bats, raccoon's, birds, squirrels or rats invade your attic chances are they wont leave it neat and tidy. Having your attic cleaned and decontaminated is a must if you critters invade your attic space. Often times your homeowners insurance may cover an attic clean up. 

Specialty Services

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Mice Infestation Problem Solvers

Need mice or roof rat removal from your home, attic, or basement? Consider our poison free program to get rid of mice.